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At Zylö Therapeutics, we pride ourselves on the quality and performance of our products. Quality is at the center of everything we do, and we are committed to being the leading partner and supplier of innovative drug-delivery solutions.

Driven by a World-Class Quality Management System

As a soon-to-be ISO-9001-certified business, our quality policies are the backbone of our operations. We are routinely inspected by industry authorities, customers, and our own internal audit team to ensure our business is meeting the strictest industry standards to assure compliance with national and international regulations. Our senior leadership team fully supports regular reviews of our quality management performance, and we proactively engage with our partners and customers to ensure we always deliver the highest quality and value to their businesses.

Continuous improvement is the axis of our business.

Earning Trust

At Zylö, earning the trust of our partners and colleagues is paramount. This trust lays the foundation for long-term, high-quality relationships. 

Our Colleagues

We promote Zylö’s core values of respect, integrity, collaboration and communication to our team and are committed to empowering them to reach their potential, to valuing their contributions, and to prioritizing their health and safety.

Our Customers

We develop long-standing partnerships with our partners by understanding and satisfying their requirements, so that they can  deliver better end-products to their patients and consumers.

Our Suppliers

We build long-term relationships with our suppliers and value their contribution to our business. We are committed to behave ethically and honestly at all times with our supply chain in order to achieve mutually beneficial relationships.



Zylö Therapeutics Inc. Quality Policy

Pursuant to ISO 9001 Section 4

  • The Zylö Therapeutics Inc. Quality Policy is to provide our customers and partners with products and services that meet or exceed specified standards of quality, performance, and reliability.

  • It is the specific intent of this Quality Policy to achieve continual improvement in the effectiveness of our quality management system and to ensure compliance with ISO 9001 and cGMP standards.

  • The entire Zylö Therapeutics Inc.  team will conform to this Quality Policy as well as to the policies and procedures written in our Quality Manual and its supporting procedures.

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