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Changing the Game

Zylö Therapeutics has an innovative sustained-release topical delivery system that was originally developed at Albert Einstein College of Medicine by Joel Friedman MD PhD, Adam Friedman MD FAAD, and Andrew Draganski PhD. The delivery system uses patented xerogel-derived silica particles, called Z-pods™, to deliver—in a sustained and controlled manner—notoriously hard-to-deliver therapeutic and cosmetic agents through topical administration.

Getting Under Your Skin

After more than ten years and $10 million of development, the latest generation of the Z-pod™ delivery system affords 12+ hours of sustainable delivery via topical administration. Over 40 scientific peer-reviewed papers have been published demonstrating the efficacy and safety of several Z-pod™ encapsulated platforms including Nitric-Oxide-releasing, curcumin-releasing, siRNA-releasing, and anandamide-releasing Z-pods™ in a multitude of animal models (see PUBLICATIONS page). 

Notably, the Z-pod™ delivery system offers unmatched functionality in several categories, as described below.

“The fourth-generation of drug delivery has arrived. Combining tiny particles that do not require needles or ablation with sustained release over a 24-hour period, without a patch, is simply transformative.  The clinical applications are endless.”

Adnan Nasir, M.D., President of the Nano Dermatology Society, speaking about Z-pods™

Harnessing Nitric Oxide

The "Miracle Molecule" can drive performance relating to anti-aging, nail treatment, acne, and a host of other conditions. 


Zylö has harnessed the power of Nitric Oxide (NO), the Nobel Prize Molecule. NO is one of the most notable and versatile, yet elusive, biomolecules produced by practically every cell in our bodies, with the following mechanisms of action: (i) vasodilatory, e.g., Viagra serves to increase NO production (ii) anti-inflammatory (iii) anti-microbial--it effectively kills gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens….and MRSA as well (iv) anti-oxidant (v) scar minimizing



Zylö has achieved impressive levels of sustained topical release.  Zylö’s Z-pods effectively lodge in the top layer of the skin, forming a patch-like layer. They persist there, releasing their payload over an 8-24 hour period, before sloughing off along with the dead skin cells that comprise the top layer of skin. As such, the Z-pods™ serve as a Patchless Patch™…but without all the inconveniences and disposal issues of a patch.


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Cannabinoids have a myriad of possible therapeutic applications. Unfortunately, they are limited by current modes of delivery. The Z-pod™ sustained delivery system overcomes those limitations.


X-ray image of shoulder pain, shoulder ligament tendinitis, shoulder muscle strain._edited.jpg

Topically applied, lidocaine offers about an hour of pain relief, which is why the lidocaine patches have emerged in a significant way. Put that same lidocaine into our Z-pods™ and you will experience the sustained pain relief of a patch without the bother of a patch.


Spices in Heaps

Curcumin (diferuloylmethane) is a natural polyphenol/antioxidant with an extensive body of mechanistic and clinical data, but plagued by poor bioavailability (the GI tract breaks down the curcumin within minutes) and by the persistent yellow stain it leaves behind. It is profoundly anti-inflammatory, among other properties. Besides muting the stain factor, curcumin-loaded Z-pods™ bypass the GI tract, thereby enhancing bioavailability.


Very little of the vitamin C in any topical product is beneficial as it is too unstable and reactive and breaks down either in its container or before it can migrate far enough into the skin to provide therapeutic benefits.

Orange and Coconut


Vitamin E is known to enhance skin elasticity, but the night creams that contain Vitamin E will enrich the skin for about an hour or two. Contrast that with a vitamin E-loaded Z-pod™ cream, which will nourish the skin, when applied nightly, 24x7.

Beauty Cream


Proprietary payloads are often shelved by pharmaceutical firms due to a lack of sustainable action. Many of these payloads would be an ideal fit with our Z-pod™ platform technology.  Except for biologics and other larger molecules, most any water-  or fat-soluble molecule can be loaded into our Z-pods.


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Zylö’s technology enables targeting of the pores/follicles. Zylö demonstrated a while back that its Z-pods™ are effective at lodging into rodent skin and the pores/follicles (see red-labeled Z-pods in the image to the right). We recently demonstrated this same feature in HUMAN skin, where the Z-pod particles lodge into the stratum corneum and deep into the follicles (see red-labeled Z-pods in the image below)...An exquisite fit with acne, alopecia and other disorders of the pores/follicles.


Shown in the nearby image are red-labeled Z-pods™ lodging into the stratum corneum of human skin and deep into a human follicle, demonstrating the targeting nature of the Z-pod™ delivery system.