...with sustainable performance advantages

Imagine opening that familiar flat foil packet that would normally contain a patch only to find a patchless patch instead:  a cream containing lidocaine-loaded Z-pods that release lidocaine slowly but surely and thereby relieves pain more effectively than the lidocaine patch.


Let’s face it.  The patch has issues.  It can be unsightly and uncomfortable to wear and remove. It is difficult to apply to certain areas (an elbow or ankle, for example, joints where so many are experiencing pain).  The patch can shift and lose adherence.  It must be disposed of.  And it must be disposed of with care, as it retains over 90% of the lidocaine intended for the user.   


Z-pods are this problem’s elegant and effective solution.   

(Zylö is also working on a capsaicin Patchless Patch™, so stay tuned.)


"Given the flexibility of application, a Patchless Patch would significantly expand the use of lidocaine in the emergency room."

J. Blankenship MD, Emergency Physician