Microscope in Laboratory


A Patented Breakthrough

For the past three decades, nitric oxide (NO) has occupied the vanguard of free radical biology investigation due to its remarkable physiological versatility. Regulation of the vasculature, broad spectrum antimicrobial activity, wound healing, skin cell maturation and survival are all hallmarks of NO’s diverse functionality. NO’s role in medicine, especially its dermatological relevance and potential as a therapeutic, is scientifically demonstrated, including an FDA approval for the treatment of Blue-Baby Syndrome. 

In 1992, the prestigious journal, Science, named Nitric Oxide the Molecule of the Year.  In 1998, the three scientists involved in the discovery of Nitric Oxide were awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Moreover, many have termed N.O. the “Miracle Molecule” due to its compelling and wide-ranging mechanisms of action.

Zylö’s Z-pods™ have truly harnessed the power of NO, having demonstrated release profiles that extend over 48 hours, as shown here.

The Power of Pink

Zylö’s innovative solution involves a two-component system, with a built-in indicator that the product is releasing Nitric Oxide.  When the two white-colored components are mixed together, the product turns a rich shade of pink, which indicates that the product is doing its job ….The Power of Pink!

Pink Blush